About Radha Krishna Temple

Come and savor the nectar of divine bliss here at the home of Radha Krishna and lose yourself in the enchanting vignettes of Braj, relishing the names, virtues, pastimes and leelas of our Beloved Lords. The upcoming Radha Krishna Temple of NC aspires to serve the community in a beautiful natural setting to enhance our devotion in the presence of the Divine Lords.

Become a part of our community by engaging in spiritual discourses and cultural activities, bhajan and chanting sessions, yoga and meditation, language classes, health and wellness programs and so much more. It will be your place to celebrate festivals with the community, promoting Vedic culture and thinking, offering educational and community programs.

Mission of the Temple

The Radha Krishna Temple of NC will be a gathering place for the community to engage in devotion, to promote Vedic teachings and lifestyle, to celebrate festivals, and serve the community by conducting spiritual, health, wellness and other community programs for all ages alike in a natural serene setting recreated as Vrindavan.

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