Sri Ram Parivar Prana Pratishtha

Sri Ram Parivar Prana Pratishtha

Such a blissful moment to welcome Sri Ram Parivar at Radha Krishna Temple on Ramnavmi day. The big marble murties are in Dhananyavasam (in a sleeping position) . Let's again come together to celebrate Sri Ram Parivar Prana Pratishta . There will be Abhishek, Shobha yatra, havan, aarti, cultural program, Ram Setu Leela, prasad, and much more. Below is the program schedule

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Divine opportunity to offer your seva to Sri Ram Parivar

With immense blessings of Sri Rama, we're announcing a community call ahead of celebrating Pranaprathista of Ram Parivar and other devotional programs for you to come forward, be our valued sponsor and extend a spiritual support to temple activities with pious purposes.

Devotees are welcome to donate in the causes that inspire and preserve our dharma, culture and heritage. We're presenting a list of activities for you to support and sponsor. Also, any amount is accepted as seva intentions are appreciated.🙏

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