Radhey Radhey Dear Devotees,

Please accept our humble obeisance. We wish you and your family a very good health. After what we have gone through this year, collectively as one human species, there is no better material wish than wishing for a good health. As we stand on the verge of receiving a vaccine for COVID19, we hope this disaster is behind us. As long as we live in the material world, all living entities with no distinction of rich or poor, black or white, male or female, have to face these miseries.

In Bhagavad-Gita 8.15, Lord Sri Krishna describes this material world as ‘duḥkhālayam’ (a place of miseries) and ‘aśhāśhvatam’ (temporary).

mām upetya punar janma duḥkhālayam aśhāśhvatam

nāpnuvanti mahātmānaḥ sansiddhiṁ paramāṁ gatāḥ

“After attaining Me, the great souls, who are yogis in devotion,

never return to this temporary world, which is full of miseries,

because they have attained the highest perfection.”

We, the servants of Sri Krishna & His devotees, at Radha Krishna Temple of North Carolina are aspiring for that perfection through our service at His lotus feet. We are well aware that we’re full of imperfections, and yet we aspire for that highest perfection. That is because of assurance of highest authority, Sri Krishna. In Bhagavad-Gita 9.22, the Lord says,

ananyāśh chintayanto māṁ ye janāḥ paryupāsate

teṣhāṁ nityābhiyuktānāṁ yoga-kṣhemaṁ vahāmyaham

“There are those who always think of Me and engage in exclusive devotion to Me.

To them, whose minds are always absorbed in Me,

I provide what they lack and preserve what they already possess.”

To bring the message of Sri Krishna to the local RTP community, with the help of one sincere devotee, we were able to purchase a beautiful 10 acres of wooded lot in Apex. Amidst the wonderful woods is a pond “Yamuna Maa” which adds to the serenity of the temple. Devotees envision to make this temple a “Mini Vrindavan”. Vrindavan is a place in India where Krishna manifested his childhood past times.

With this long term vision in mind, the devotees began Phase 1 of the temple by renovating the house to prepare for temple inauguration day. On the auspicious day of Vaishaki Purnima, 30th April 2018, in the presence of Yamuna Maa, Govardhan Maharaj and amidst vedic rituals and chants, we installed deities of our beloved Sri Radha and Sri Krishna, with the help of dozens of dedicated devotees. Since then, the temple community has seen steady growth. We have several enthusiastic and highly dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and effort regularly to the various temple activities and events.

We have been celebrating festivals like Holi, Sri Rama Navami, Guru Purnima, Janmashtami, Radhashtami, Navratri, Diwali, Govardhan puja. We also have regular events for Satyanarayana Vrath on Purnima and Rudrabhishek on Amavasya every month. We have different teams offering their sevas for Alankaram, Garlands, temple maintenance and cleaning, landscaping, onsite and offsite event coordination, online Event support team. With Hari Gurus’ grace, all festivals are still being celebrated during the COVID pandemic.

Since the temple opened, we have seen many significant improvements on the premises, which needed county approvals. These include

  • Renovated house to use as temple

  • Designated handicapped parking spot

  • Temple Entrance Signage

  • Directional Sign boards to enter the temple

As part of our eventual end goal of building a beautiful Sri Radha Krishna Temple at the site, we are undertaking a huge development work at the site. These include widening the driveway and a Parking Lot to meet the capacity. We do have required county approvals and cost estimates from the contractor.

We’re raising funds to meet the cost of the parking lot expansion, which is $350,000. With Sri Krishna’s blessing, we were able to raise $250,000 with just word of mouth within our community. Our sincere thanks to donors, every penny of your donation goes towards this temple expansion. This is our vow. We still need to raise the remaining by May 15, 2021. So, we are reaching out to YOU. No donation is too small

Radha Krishna Temple of North Carolina is a non-profit 501(c)(3) religious organization. Any donation made is tax-exempt

In service of Radha Krishna,


Email: help-your-temple@radhakrishnatemplenc.org

Phone: (919) 685 0447