Each celebration brings the devotees love for Radha and Krishna to light. This year’s Shram Yagna was yet another instance.

This year was a continuation of last year’s Rose Yagna, which was held for a few days. Last year, devotees generously donated rose plants to be offered to the Lotus Feet of our Lords and decorated the altar with fresh flowers. The condition was a devotee can donate up to 1 or 2 plants maximum. The devotees felt delighted to be able to give their lords 1-2 rose plants and limitless flowers to serve the temple and Lord.

Shram Yagna II 2019 started on the 20th of April. This year, devotees planted several floral plants around the temple in honor of the Lords. Around 30 plants- cut out roses, double knock-out roses, jasmines, azaleas, camellias- were delicately planted by the hands of our devotees all around the temple. Several of the florals were positioned near the temple pond, Yamuna River, to offer love to Yamuna Maa. Some devotees lovingly brought breakfast, lunch, and tea for our Lord and the devotees planting in the yard.

Thanks to our devotees, this year’s Shram Yagna has brought another year of happiness and prosperity to our temple. We look forward to our coming Shram Yagnas.

Feel free to call us for more details or any questions at 919- 685- 0447.

We invite you to join us for the Shram Yagna.