Make Your Temple Debt Free

Open Your Hearts and 

Support Your Beloved Temple to become Debt-Free.

Radhey Radhey Dear Devotees,

We first thank all of you for your continued support and timely donations. 

Radha Krishna Temple of NC embarked on an exciting journey to create a beautiful abode for our Lords. We have covered many milestones in creating a divine and spiritual space for our community. Before we begin on the next phase of the temple expansion, we thought it prudent to pay off our outstanding debts. We are truly humbled by the overwhelming response we received from the local community last year. Your continued support would enable us to pay-off the mortgage earlier than we had planned, so that we can devote our time and invaluable resources to creating our beloved Vrindavan / Braj In North Carolina.

                  Please help us to meet this year’s target.

Kindly remember:

Every $1000 loan repayment saves an interest of almost $1000 over 30 years.

All donations made to Radha Krishna Temple of NC  are tax exempt.  

For now the property tax & intestt is $1000+/month. It can go higher when Chatham county does property appreciation-valuation and increase the property tax rates.

The amount which we save with this initiative, will be used for temple construction.

To make donations:


Venmo: @Radha-Krishna-2

Credit Cards:


Above is Zeffy’s link for making donations towards the Making Temple Debt Free initiative.

1. There are no transaction fees either to you or to Temple. This is a big plus.

2. You can quickly set up your credit card or ACH donation payment, for either       monthly or recurring donations No further actions are required from you once it is set.

3. You can generate a donation receipt either for a one-time donation or yearly, for your collective donation.


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